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Introducing bmcoin

The coin that has the power to change you life.

bmcoin is backed up by the GoldCity Project; a real estate development project that offers subscribers an opportunity to have full or partial ownership rights as investors. It is an asset-backed coin valued by the strength of its holders and community; and with wallets for all popular platforms from Windows and MacOS to Android and paper wallet, there re no limitations to what you can do with the bmcoin.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps.

Geting started with bmcoin is pretty simple. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be set up in no time.

This is your

bmcoin is an amazing opportunity to secure the future. The rewards are mind-blowing and the processes are simple. And with the support of a thriving community, you’ll be on your way to creating true and lasting wealth within a short period of time.


Meet the coin that revolutionizes the game!

It’s all about matching technology with innovation.

The BeepMagnetCoin Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that allows people or institutions to transfer funds instantly, securely and without a middleman. It can potentially expand international commerce, support financial inclusion, and transform how we shop, save and do business in ways we probably cannot even yet fully understand. It is designed to be a true representation of technology.


Wether you’re an established bmcoin holder or new to the process, there are training materials available to help you grow.

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The Gold Club community is your fastest route to growth. You can access tips and support as well as catch up on trends and developments.

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Stay up to date with events and trends in the bmcoin world and in the cryptocurrency and real estate sectors as a whole.